it took me quite some time, to paint her, actually...but i like the come out!
She´s supposed to be the goddess Hecate ( again Greek, i guess I’m starting a series), the goddess of mist and witchcraft and crossroads and other creepy stuff!
I wanted the mist to kind of be in around her, like she´s controlling it.
I choose the armor( even though she´s got none) because I can really much think her using the mist in battle.
The lights are supposed be kind of a crown, each flowing individually around her head. she is able to create mist and she can clear your eyes just as well

she is also the "nanny" of Persephone, another Greek goddess, just in line to be done ( but u gotta wait, it takes quite a while)


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I was supposed to learn, what did I do instead? Right! drawing pictures of old myths.

This one is suppose to be Helen of Sparta, or Helen of troy.  I wanted to keep the "most beautiful"-ness, by using the shape of an hand mirror, made of different symbols and probs.
it´s still a WIP , because I wanted to paint it, but I quite liked the out-turn of this so, I wanted to share.

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